Wormcock SPH Humiliationi

6:23 video

You have a short floppy worm cock. You are completely undesirable as a man. You will never be able to fuck a real woman when your dick is so skinny that you have to pinch your fingers together to jerk off. A penis that small must automatically be grounds for an official diagnosis of impotency. Because it is certainly incapable of actually fucking a woman properly. 

The fantasies you have about lips pursing together to slurp your limpid caterpillar dick are completely unrealistic, and likely physically impossible. This is the closest approximation science can replicate, and even then the stunt worm needs to be bitten down to match your pathetic proportions. You're welcome, bitch.

Includes: Small Penis Humiliation, SPH, Gummies, Femdom POV, Female Domination, Verbal Humiliation, Masturbation Humiliation

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