Invisible Tickler Tickles Lauren Kiley in Bed

9:46 video

Lauren is relaxing in bed in her bra and panties when she comes across an interesting article. Apparently there is an Invisible Tickler targeting young women... tickling them until they can't bear it. Scared, because she is EXTREMELY ticklish, Lauren finds that the advice for victims is to remain absolutely still. Just as she has read this warning, she is attacked by the Invisible Tickler! Her feet, the backs of her legs, and even her butt are tickled mercilessly by someone she can't even see! Her calves flex and her toes curl as she tries to remain still through the tickle session. Laughing and squealing, she can't help her muscles jerking and flexing despite her best efforts! The Invisible Tickler has struck again!

Includes: Tickling, Calf Fetish, Calves, Legs, Leg Fetish, Long Legs, Toes Curling, Toe Wiggling, Tickle Fetish, Ticklish, Soles, Foot Fetish, Bra & Panties, POV

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