Sock Simp's Present Custom

30 photos; 5:07 video

Happy Birthday Sock Fan! I've been out all day celebrating something else, actually! Look how adorable I am in my little sundress, white ankle socks, and sneakers with a rainbow stripe! I've been dancing and flirting with everyone else while you sit here on your birthday and think about my feet! My socks have been soaking up all my foot sweat and foot smell! I take off my sneakers, and take a big whiff so I can accurately tell you about what you're missing! What would you even do with my socks if you had them? I'll bet it's really gross. I'll bet you can't wait to smell them and taste them and even jerk off with them like the pathetic sad little sock simp that you are! This is a celebration of foot fetish and denial!

(Custom video with the name "Mason" used")

Includes: Foot Fetish, Foot Tease, Sock Fetish, Sneaker Fetish, Long Legs, Black Toes, Soles, Wrinkled Soles, Feet, Smelly Socks, Socks, Ankle Socks

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