Q&A: Is FemmeDevil Blind?

Q&A: Is FemmeDevil Blind?

Short Answer: No.

Longer Answer: No, but she can’t see very well. All of her senses are heightened exponentially but that has made her eyes painfully sensitive to light[1. Her abilities are comparable to those of a tin savant in Brandon Sanderson’s “Mistborn” series.]
so she usually covers them with a mask, glasses, or other protection. Because she is also a little bit paranoid about protecting her identity this usually serves a dual purpose. Because her vision is so often distorted or otherwise compromised she tries to rely more heavily on her other senses.
And sometimes, of course, FemmeDevil is just blindfolded for the kinky fun of it.

Lauren Kiley in Black Mask as "FemmeDevil"

Practical Answer: No. But I can’t see very well.

I feel weird about playing a blind character because it brings up a lot of questions about disability that I don’t feel qualified (right now) to meaningfully explore in the smut I produce. I feel far less weird about altering FemmeDevil’s capabilities since she is most closely based on Netflix’s interpretation of Daredevil and his “world of fire” vision. Except I like to think that FemmeDevil chooses to see things through a Lisa Frank-esque filter of glitter and rainbows.

Sometimes the combination of my own poor eyesight and added challenges of a mask or dark glasses means that I can’t see very well while I’m filming. The first scene I shot as FemmeDevil I had to completely rethink when I realized I couldn’t see a damn thing through the mask. There was supposed to be a more elaborate fight scene and some other stuff – but I didn’t want to hurt anyone, including myself! FemmeDevil isn’t actually supposed to be clumsy or physically awkward. Those are just natural moments. Hopefully as I get better at designing costuming that can incorporate my glasses that will be less of an issue!

Posted on: February 20, 2017Lauren Kiley