Smiling Siren Treasury (Sex Worker Crisis Fund)

Putting this up now because there’s a decent chance that by the time someone gets around to asking I’ll have completely forgotten to actually tell anyone what I’m working on and it’s going to look even weirder and potentially creepier than I intended when people start getting money from an inexplicable source with a vaguely porn-y name.

I’ve been using the tag “Smiling Siren” on some of my clips to denote videos that take place in my own alternate fantasy universe. The name is a reference to the pirate ship of which Charity O’Malley is the captain in a fictional steampunk porn world you can see in both my stores and American Damsels. I liked the name (obviously, I made it up!) and started using it in other clips that share the theme of sex workers secretly being superheroes who are coming together to save the world.

Yeah, I know. It’s on the side of uncomfortably meta, more than a little pretentious, and overly ambitious. But it’s probably not surprising that I started to develop a canon around my porn that reflects the values of my other work.

I’ve decided to donate half the profit (read: the portion I take home, not the portion of the clip price – varies by platform) of Smiling Siren sales to an account I will keep specifically to donate to sex workers in crisis. This will start with February 2017’s sales. I’m not planning to actively promote this element of the canon, but it felt weird to not say anything about it either. Among the obvious motivations, this feels true to and consistent with the narratives I’m trying to produce. So… yeah.

Obviously I’d be thrilled if sales rocketed in a way that demanded I put more consideration into this immediately, but as of right now that’s just not the situation. It just feels good to put some foundations down to build on.

Posted on: February 18, 2017Lauren Kiley