Webcam Girl Blackmail Fantasy

I’m giving special attention to this clip because it’s actually one of my own personal fantasies. I had soooo much fun making this from the minute I thought of it to writing the description when I posted it.

Camgirl Jerk Off Vid Blackmail!


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When you take me to a pvt show you don’t even notice how bored I am when you jerk off for me. And when you finally cum, moaning my name, I laugh at you and reveal that I’ve been recording you the whole time! And if you don’t pay me tribute every week – I’m going to show EVERYONE the sad and short clip of you jerking off to a camgirl. Your wife is going to hear you call my name. Your boss is going to see your pathetic performance. And the whole internet is going to laugh at you. I OWN you now.


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This is a blackmail that we’re BOTH getting off on!

Posted on: July 26, 2013Lauren Kiley