May Bestsellers!

Hello my kinky darlings!

It’s time to announce the bestselling clip for May 2013! This was a busy month with a lot of updates, so sales were a little all over the place, especially as some people discovered my back catalogue (which I always love!). But a couple clips stood out in their success!

It was a close call for the ultimate bestseller this month… but the winner is:

Cumguzzling From The Source!


Have you ever tried to blow yourself? Ha! I know you have! But it’s not because you just want to suck your own cock – it’s because you want that fresh cum straight into your mouth! You’re such a cockhungry cumguzzler that you can’t bear to have stale cum… you need it straight from your cock! So that’s what your’e going to do. You’re going to use your mouth like a bull’s eye and swallow all your cum!

I always have lots of fun filming CEI! I love that it combines JOI and humiliation and that it’s constantly renewable! You can’t stop cumming for me! And you’re addicted to the taste of your own cum! Get more cum eating instructions from me right HERE!

But coming in CLOSE second for May sales and deserving of an honorable mention:

Smell My Sexy Sweaty Sneakers!!!


The thing about canvas sneakers is that they soak up sweat so well… and therefore they smell totally gross! But you’re the kind of disgusting foot pervo who’s into that! So get down before me and worship my sweaty disgusting sneakers! Smell the foot funk… taste the bit of heaven that is my feet… and grovel before me and my sneakers the way you were meant to.

This was my first sneaker fetish clip! Sadly, the next one I filmed was ripping those very Chucks apart… but I’ll just have to get new sneakers to smell up to replace them! And just WAIT until you get a whiff of my running shoes! Pee-yew! I loved this because it was so genuine… I walked into my apartment, took off my shirt, turned on the camera, and this was straight from my smelly feet! I wear sneakers a lot more than I used to because I walk to and from work, so there will definitely be more sneaker fun to come!

What will it be next month? Which fetish fans will show me the most love???

Posted on: June 1, 2013Lauren Kiley