Giantess Thinks Ur Cute! Bestseller!

Curious about what other people are buying? Now that I’m selling at a more regular pace it’s much easier to see what’s popular and what doesn’t work for y’all. And to kick off 2012, we have a bestseller of this month! By an overwhelming majority:

Giantess Thinks Ur Cute:

This was one of my favorite clips to film, so I’m stoked that it did so well! As a giantess I find a little teeny man inside my home. I’m in my white lacy bra and panties, with nude thigh high stockings when I find you. And you’re so small and helpless that I think it’s totally adorable 🙂 I could like, totally squish you with just one of my toes! Do you think your cuteness will play on my sympathies and I’ll spare you? Spoiler alert! It won’t! But I’m really sweet about it!

Posted on: January 30, 2012Lauren Kiley