Naked Day

You know what I did today? Spend the afternoon naked with a lovely girlfriend sitting in hot rooms as the sweat rolled off our bodies. That’s right everyone – it was spa day! I hadn’t seen this particular lady friend in a while, so we were long past due for a hang out. And what better way to hang out and really intimately connect with someone than by lying in a room with jade walls?!

Attractions at this particular spa include: a hot tub, a SUPER HOT tub, a pool of icy cold water, a steam room that is so hot and steamy it’s hard to breathe, a dry wood sauna that plays Korean soap operas, a jade room that is warm and dry, and a clay room with pink crystals on the floor and clay walls that make the air hot and humid. But in the best way imaginable. 

I love the spa. I love the camaraderie of being surrounded by naked women. I love that it’s impossible to be self conscious of your body when every other body type, of every age, race, and personal grooming choice, is represented. I love feeling all the toxins sweat out of my skin. I love feeling the heat seep into my muscles and force them to relax. I love the water infused with citrus fruits. I love just lying in the heat and listening to the water splash from outside in the spa. Since I’ve been training for a 10k race my muscles are almost always at least a little tight and at first it was almost painful to feel them completely relax. I hadn’t even realized how much tension I was carrying in my shoulders and calves until it melted away.

And I love how soft and smooth my skin is after I attack it with a body scrubber. It’s like a ridiculously scratchy mitten that you rub all over your body. And it clears ALL the dead skin that you’ve softened up off your body. It’s kind of gross seeing just how much dead skin you had on yourself, but it feels awesome seeing that it all disappears. My friend and I scrubbed each other’s backs and marveled at how we both shed almost equal amounts of skin. When we went with another girl a few months ago she barely shed at all and we felt awkward. But now I’m so smooth and exfoliated that my knit sweater dress feels like pure satin!

Spa day is the best.

Posted on: January 22, 2012Lauren Kiley